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Adeline Saillard

Immigration: Come and follow me to experience my discoveries and my love for Quebec

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From childhood, I am passionate about reading and writing. Over the years, I have become particularly interested in global economy and modern history. By immigrating to Quebec, I have developed a keen interest in the provincial politics and its relationship with Canada. My cheerful disposition is utterly contagious, and it has made my integration in the community even easier and exciting. My love for Quebec and the Quebecers has truly become part of my genes and blood!


The integration of a

French in Quebec


Thanks to this atypical life story, told with authenticity and humour, discover why this dynamic and committed young Frenchwoman decided to settle in Quebec.



Special thanks

Thank you Mary R., Mélanie B. and Jane A., as well as Pamela and Adrienne, for believing in me and for always believing in my success.

Tonton Luc and Tata Arlette, Tata Annick and also Tonton Hieu, and Tonton Luu, teachers of life at the Sa Long Cuong School, as well as Mr. Winterling and Mr. Cornu. To all the adorable English intransigence and patience of Westmount and to the wisdom of my Vietnamese master.


Bad grass

even grows in winter. 

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