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I grew up in Bourgogne, in the centre east of France. I was a top student, but how disruptive and unruly!


Incapable of staying still, I wanted to have fun and put my creativity into action! 

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I opted for studies in macro and micro economy, in France as well as in Belgium, in Canada and in the United States, earning a Doctorate Degree in this field. Taking a yoga and Tai-Chi discovery trip in Quebec, it was love at first sight! I was fascinated by the Quebecers, their welcoming attitude, their candour and dynamism. Despite my parents and friends, as soon as I came back home in France, I started preparing my move towards the Belle Province.


I was already expected at McGill University where, from 2013 to 2020, I was to teach micro and macro economy, as well as Vie politique canadienne, then at Concordia University.

Having occupied a position of Junior Economist for the European Commission in Brussels, economy is a true passion for me! For the French Prime Minister, I was responsible for developing provisional scenarios for the state of France in 2025. Previously, as a member of the Cercle des économistes européens, I was also in charge of drafting the governance reports for various European legislators.

As a permanent resident in Quebec, I have worked in macroeconomic forecasts for the province of Quebec, Canada and United States, as well as ford Southern America. I truly was in my element!

A series of events will take me to the splendid city of Terrebonne, in the Lanaudière area. By pure accident, I discovered the Emmaus Church, where I was warmly greeted by a large community of big-hearted people who facilitated my integration in Quebec, while helping me to further deepen my spirituality. Rewarding, meaningful encounters that will foster and promote the writing of my book From Birth to Full Bloom.

By reading this book, you will find out how a young French woman, deeply in love with Quebec, is currently about to become a genuine Canadian citizen!

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